IciSites Web Solutions is an innovative web development company based in Fredericton NB specializing in data-driven websites. Simply put, we build websites that work.


Design is critical. The web is visual. Long text isn’t read.


Make your email stand out with custom emails such as you@yourDomain.com


Our sites adapt to the viewing screen: smartphone, tablet, desktop.


Our sites are two-way communication. Interact with your visitors – they’ll appreciate the attention.


Unilingual, bilingual, multilingual: speak with your visitors in their language.


Our sites work hard so you can do more important things.

We get it

About IciSites

IciSites Web Solutions is a young company with years of experience. Some members of our team have been building websites for clients for over a dozen years. And the newest members are recent graduates of the New Brunswick Community College.

We place great emphasis on helping clients define their goals and wishes, and then translating those into a website that both reflects their aspirations and is welcoming to visitors.

Our clients include governments, businesses, independent professionals, and non-profits, quite a few of which are membership-based. For all types of clients, we have provided data management features from registration, online sales, and event listings to membership management. These sites are not just a pretty face—they work hard for their owners.

Our sites are capable of speaking many languages, usually with the ability to switch effortlessly between English and French.


Recent Projects

I have been dealing with IciSites for years now. They have quick service and
knowledge of the industry. Just a couple of reasons why I keep coming back.
They gave me great service: prompt, efficient, very knowledgeable.
I’m thrilled and happy with my new website, www.lynnthier.com. The team at icisties.com is professional, fast and provides excellent service! I highly recommend to check them out!


What our clients are saying


What we offer

Make your email stand out by using custom email accounts such as you@yourdomain.com. Personalized  email available  with your website. Multiple accounts per domain available. Secure hosting. For more information including pricing please fill in form below. If you have a domain you would like please let us know; we’ll see if it’s available.

All our sites are multilingual ready. If you want to speak your visitors’ language, you’re set to go.

You domain name is your address on the web. We can register your domain and host email associated with it; for example, president@yourdomain.com or info@yourdomain.ca.

Most people will find your website by searching, e.g., Google. To increase the likelihood of being found and ranking high in search results, we provide search engine optimization (SEO)..

Want to sell online, take payments online? We can have you up and running quickly and simply.

Many organizations are member-based and the process of managing changes in contact information, membership renewals, conference registrations and a lot of the administrivia can be simplified with our member management systems.

Your website should look good on mobile devices; with our sites, that’s built right in.

If your needs are complex, including managing lots of data online, we’re well versed in customizing to meet unique requirements. Tell us what you need: we can build it.


IciSites Web Solutions

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